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Reiki Healing Testimonials

Janine and Hope.

I asked Tracy if she could help me with my very unsettled mare. She's had 3 treatments so far and she loves them. From these treatments she has begun to settle and return to her calm and chilled self.

She is less tense, and we have been able to overcome some confidence issue for both her and myself together.

She will continue to have treatments because she loves them so much, and because it has opened my eyes to how sensitive our horses are, and how they can be so affected by our actions and environment. Tracy will help her to deal with all of this, and alert me to any problems/issues she may be having.

I also had a treatment with Tracy, and I can honestly say it was a fascinating and very spiritual experience, which I am glad to have had. It has cleared my mind and helped me to see things in a different way. It has shown me how changing the way I deal with things can help me live a happier life, and how to achieve a happier inner self.

I have learnt many things in the short time that I have become to know Tracy on a more personal level, and I am happy to consider her a new friend who has helped me and my horse in more ways then she can imagine. I just hope I can return the favour one day.

Sue and Grace

My mare has tonight had her 2nd treatment from Tracy and to say that I am impressed is an understatement! I phoned Tracy in desperation - I had so many issues with my mare that I was seriously considering selling her, believing that I was unable to sort it. However, in the last week the change in her has been marvellous, and with Tracy’s kind, quiet and positive attitude, my eyes have been opened.

Tonight during her healing, she became so chilled that she nearly crumpled to the floor. She absolutely loves it, and I am glad that I am now doing something positive for her. Thanks Tracy, you have opened my eyes, and I am looking forward to a long and happy future with my girl.

I also had a treatment on myself last week, and have to say it was a really positive and enjoyable experience. My life is very stressful for variety of reasons and I find it hard to relax and unwind, but a session of reiki certainly did the trick. Although I found myself trying to resist, my whole body felt very heavy, and I even dropped off once or twice!

I have found the stressful events over the last few days have been easier to cope with than usual. So come on all you ladies, spend a bit of time and money on yourselves for a change, you will find it's well worth it.

Gemma and Claudia

Tracy is currently providing treatments to my 16.1 warmblood x irish draught, approx 12 year old. Needless to say she has had a very unsettled life so far, and struggled in every situation to cope. It seemed she had panic and anxiety attacks whenever left on her own. Of course this was a major problem, can’t hack out alone or go to shows as she was just uncontrollable.

My first session of Reiki was definitely an eye opener. Tracy came down to see my horse and saw the sheer terror in her eyes the minute she walked up to her. Within 45 minutes of her first treatment, she was falling asleep in front of my very eyes! She also mentioned particulars about my horse, her stiff side, and areas of pain, which she recommended I seek treatment for.

Overall, it has started to have an effect - obviously its not going to change everything in a day, but she is definitely on the road to recovery. She even started standing up for herself in the field - something that she would have previously cowered away from. I would definitely recommend. If your sceptical at first, your doubts will soon change after the first session.

Kate and Dakota

Tracy carried out two treatments on my gelding and much to my surprise he has really enjoyed them. We are working on a number of things with him, but I was surprised that he was so calm and relaxed during the whole experience. He really enjoys the "Dakota time" that we spend with him and literally falls asleep during the treatment (which isn’t like him at all).