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Natural Horsemanship aka "Horse Whispering", is the art of working, training and riding horses, which works with the horse's behaviour, instincts and personality in an easy and kind manner.

Natural horsemanship is a form of handling that I have found both fascinating and interesting. It is not a service that I am currently offering as I am still in the process of finishing courses and exams. The purpose of this page is to provoke some thought and ultimately discussion in the forum.

A brief insight into how it works?

Without using force develop a foundation of trust upon which all further development must be built. Transforming the horse's distrust into trust and the horse's problems into accomplishments.

When making initial contact with a horse, it is important to make the first impressions the lasting ones. Just as with people, that first impression is extremely important with horses.

Through touch we communicate trust and love, and every moment is spent reinforcing these feelings between horse and trainer. Soon the horse is effusively displaying affection for the human carnivore—the predator—and eons of evolutionary conditioning are being unravelled through caresses and strokes. Once this communication is established, horses will do amazing things.