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Ecoflow Magnetic Therapy for horses

Ecoflow have developed a range of magnotherapy products to be used by animals. The equestrian world has been using Bioflow boots and wraps for horses with great success for many years, and I have personally seen the benefits. I have recently become a reseller allowing me to offer these products to you at a discounted rate. Please contact me if you would like to purchase any of them, or if you would like to start selling them in your area.

Is this a new concept?

Magnotherapy is not a new concept. In fact the beneficial properties of magnets on health have been known for thousands of years. Ecoflow have been at the forefront of developing this science into practical products for over a decade and are now able to offer products for animals such as:

Horse Tendon Wrap

Horse magnetic tendon wrap

Horse Rug

Magnetic horse rugThis fantatic product contains 40 "central reverse polarity" modules - each one mimicking a pulsed field! The special breathable and lightweight, yet sturdy material provides the ultimate in versatility as it can be used as a sweat rug, under a night rug or for travelling!


Bioflow collars for cats and dogs

Magnetic dog collarMagnetic cat collar

Magnetic horse brushing boot
Horse Brushing Boot